The PRO-LINK Campaign for an Isle of Wight Fixed Link.



Why do we need an Isle of Wight Fixed Link Campaign?
  • The PRO-LINK Campaign for an Isle of Wight Fixed Link, is to facilitate a means whereby islanders have a similar freedom of access to the opportunities and aspirations that others enjoy on mainland Britain.

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  • PRO-LINK respect that for some, the uniqueness of being an isolated “island” population has been considered a blessing. However, evolution dictates the time has now come to change its path into the future. Cross Solent transport has to now adapt to the expectations of 21st century business, tourism, healthcare, education and social commitments.
  • Ferry crossing schedules have been severely reduced over the recent years, and fares have increased. This combination provides an unaffordable barrier for those on an average island wage to venture off the island.
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  • This barrier has now in the 21st century, caused a continuing spiral of socio-economic deprivation while the surrounding South East mainland enjoys vibrant success and investment. Continuing to have an interrupted coastline to distinguish its borders, the IOW will still be an island.
  • PRO-LINK believes that the natural topographical advantages of being surrounded by a stunning coastline, along with beautiful countryside will continue with a connecting road tunnel. With easy and reliable access, the Isle of Wight will become the most desirable place in Britain to live, visit and perform business.  With an Isle of Wight Fixed Link, it can be given the opportunity to be successful.

The PRO-LINK intentions are to:


  • We are campaigning to have access to a 24hr, 365 day alternative option to outdated ferries. A fixed link tunnel will enable people to make an immediate, reliable and seamless 4-10 minute vehicular journey ….. Read More
  • Establish why IOW institutions, MP and IOW Council continually and repeatedly are afraid to stand up to the IOW Ferry Companies, while the customers complain and the socio-economic welfare of the Isle of Wight suffers? Pages to explain what is happening are: Ferry Company Control and also The MP and the IOW Council.  
  • Facilitate the implementation of a new Government backed and independent , up to date Fixed Link Tunnel Feasibility Study. This will establish the best way forward for the island’s cross Solent transport links. Details of PRO-LINK plans….

18 thoughts on “The PRO-LINK Campaign for an Isle of Wight Fixed Link.

  1. A letter I’ve sent to
    Please feel free to use the content only would look better if you add your own feelings too.
    Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to bring to your attention the dire situation that the people of the Isle Of Wight are facing.
    The island has a population in excess of 140,000 which makes it the largest constituency in the UK!With that in mind then surely we have a certain right to being heard and listened to from Parliament?OUr mp Andrew Turner I feel,is failing to make proper representation to The House about our situation and as to just how bad it is.
    Transport infrastructure is being talked about so much these days as a necessity for growth and maintaining services….the island is operating in reverse gear I feel and that surely has to stop!
    I was incensed recently when I read of the island of St Helena having huge amounts of money being poured in for an airport that can’t be used.Ridiculous!
    The IOW thankfully has a group of people who are trying to get our problems addressed by proposing that the island has a Fixed Link(
    For far too long now the island has effectively been held to ransom by the main two ferry operators Wightlink and Red Funnel,both owned by companies who use the island as a cash cow for their pension portfolios.There’s a moral and ethical aspect to this surely?
    What I’m asking for is that the islands predicament would be raised in Parliament in spite of our mp and in spite of our local council who seem to be too afraid to “disturb the waters”!
    I have spent over 44 years living on the island and for the sake of the future generations we need some hope and it is an urgent situation.Please consider this issue and I thank you in the hope of being listened to and a positive outcome in the vey near future.
    Yours sincerely,

  2. Did you know that if you or a loved one become extremely poorly for example a heart attack, they have to rely on a helicopter to transport them to a catheter lab for life saving treatment?
    Now if this helicopter is not available (and most of the time it isn’t) you or your loved one will have to be taken to St Mary’s and kept stable until an ambulance transfer is available to take you/them to the Queen Alexandra in Cosham to have treatment.
    Sadly and at no fault to any of the staff but St Mary’s is not equipped to deal with a lot of life threatening conditions.
    A fixed link will open up the way for an ambulance to have direct access to the life saving services we deserve.
    So I will leave it up to you, is your life or the lives of your loved ones worth the risk?

  3. I have Cystic Fibrosis. I have to go to Southampton every 3 months which costs over £50 each time and I have to take a day off work as it takes so long. If I could use my motorcycle and a tunnel it would only cost petrol and tunnel fee’s. Also I could be back at work in the afternoon with time to spare.

    Detractors say if you don’t like it move, so if you have get ill you have to move your entire family????

    The only sensible argument against is cost although I could see this being recouped if UK companies were used to build it.

    Time to move to the 21st century and stop the retired generation from pulling this island down with them.

  4. All for fixed link.

  5. My Father is terminally ill on the mainland. I want to spend as much time with him as possible, but the extortionate ferry fares makes this impossible, I just cannot afford it, and the increased fares during high seasons make it all the more impossible to afford travel. The journey time to see him is 3 hours, this could be cut right down with a drive through fixed link tunnel open 365 days a year. What does concern me is the lack of clarification on what it would cost to use a fixed link, I have heard as much as £20 each way which totally makes building it pointless as that is more expensive than some ferry fares.

  6. I am for a fixed link. many of my friends and family are unable to afford to visit during the holidays due to the extortionate prices the ferry companies charge.. if they can charge £34 for a RETURN some days then they shouldn’t be able to get away with charging £180 for a SINGLE during peak season. islanders feel like they are prisoners held to ransom by red funnel and wightlink. Britain has a tunnel to France and it is still an Island and Isle of Wight would still be a island when we have a tunnel to the mainland. jobs are suffering &tourists are in decline. Even one of the main attractions Bestival have moved to the mainland because of declining numbers due to the ferry costs. Not to mention those the poor folk which are forced to fork out hundreds of pounds as they have to commute to the mainland for work because of lack of jobs here. A tunnel will only help the regeneration of this island in all aspects. please wake up people before this island collapses

  7. I am for. The pros out way the cons by miles. This would be a huge help for my family’s life and no doubt for many others.

  8. We need a tunnel desperately
    1. Our hospital is on black alert – most operations and procedures are being delegated to the mainland. I had a knee op recently and 7 return trips over paid for by the NHS nothing for my relatives for various checkups. The day of the operarion I was discharged from the hospital at 6pm, got home at 10.30pm because I missed the Wight link ferry by 3 min and I had to pay for my own car cost.
    2. The UK is joined to France by a tunnel and yet it remains an island. They have choices to get off – road, ferry, rail, air we have nothing. 125,000 people are being held to ransom by two ferry companies.
    There ferries are getting bigger and bigger and we have less and less sailings. 18 years ago you could get off the island every 30 minutes.
    3. no jobs – one of the worst black holes in the UK
    4. Our children all leave to find work or go to University on the mainland, seldom returning. Cost my two children and their partners £112.00 for one night – foot passengers to see me on my birthday. Christmas well two ferries WHAT AND WE ACCEPT THIS
    5. A caravan and car for the May bank holiday was quoted £295.00 return. They are not coming over going into Bournemouth after 20 years of coming to the IOW
    6. Our tourism is dying – Bestival being the most recent example.
    7. Postage to the island is very selective. Many couriers won’t post here at all. I support local shops but often the items are very very expensive ( Ferry costs) or there is nothing here. A small parcel posted on the mainland can be as cheap at £1.99 tracked, the IOW 3.65 and we only have Royal Mail.
    8. There is less and less for our young adults to do. The ice rink has closed, every club has closed – so what is left bars?
    9. If you want to see a show on the mainland you have to pay for a nights accommodation, all passenger ferries stop at 11pm RIDICULOUS
    10. And to cap it all our house prices are 25% less than the mainland.
    To sum up – we need another way to get off the island. We need choices.
    The council has an election in May I am going to propose to them that they hold a referendum a the same time to see if the residents on the island want a fixed link

  9. there are too less choices, if we have to rely on a ferry, which offers less and less trips to the mainland

  10. its about time to join the rest of the world! The Isle of Wight desperately needs a tunnel for its economic positive future

  11. I would like to have more possibilities and not to be reliant on the ferries, which give no opportunity to do some thing at night times

  12. For the future of the Isle of Wight and the residents and all of the young people who live here we must have change eg: a fixed link to the mainland and not be held to ransom by the ferry companies and their extortionate prices, IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.!!!

  13. The quicker the better.

  14. We definitely need a direct link to the mainland!

  15. I am for a fixed link as apart from the usual moans about the ferries and my family living on the mainland, there is the threat of the government closing the prisons on the island. If this happens then the economy on the island would plummet. If there was a tunnel it would give easy access for those made redundant to get another job or travel to another prison on transfer. It would also help with the islands economy.

  16. I often feel like a prisoner, held to ransom by two ferry companies from a financial and freedom of travel perspective. If you need to go to the mainland (An island incidently) not only is it extremely expensive you are also restricted by their timetable, this is the 21st century people should be able to travel at will. Many companies won’t deliver to the island so even ordering furnishings etc are restricted. The island hospital is failing and the economy of the island is dying in front of us. HELP!! We need the fixed link the negatives of not solving the island’s issues will be the downfall of many!!

  17. Since my original post back in November,the islands situation has taken a further backward step with our local hospital being taken into “special measures”.
    This epitomises so much as to the general deterioration that is happening on the island and I’m convinced more than ever that THE ONE THING THAT CAN REVERSE THIS WOULD BE A FIXED LINK(TUNNEL).
    To oppose this with little reason is to further the cause of “let’s do nothing and see what happens”.
    There is no room for fence sitters or apathy.

  18. A tunnel is getting desperate our hospital is not able to service much any longer. Costing the NHS a fortune to send us over to see specialists.
    Our families are paying fortunes to visit and visa versa.
    No jobs..
    No entertainment for teenagers
    Ferries sailing lessons and less frequently.
    The list is enormous.

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