Bob Seely MP – island healthcare ideas


During October 2017, the new MP was interviewed by Anne Lovelock of Sunshine Radio.


The interview is a good indicator of the MP’s thought processes:


Bob talks about his solutions regarding better healthcare on the island without a fixed link …. 3 minutes, 24 seconds.



Bob also spoke about his ideas for island healthcare while not mentioning a fixed link option again, at Westminster


Listen to Bobs healthcare ideas on this 2 minute youtube video… here
To find out what the Solent Freedom Tunnel can do for island healthcare and the NHS… read more


One thought on “Bob Seely MP – island healthcare ideas

  1. Nicholas Finney

    So why will you not – Bob Seely , our MP support a serious investigation into the viability and benefits to islanders of a fixed Lnk to the Isle of Wight ? You pledged to tackle the high costs and poor service levels of the ferry operators. You said you would look into calling for subsidies from taxpayers to cheapen the costs of. Ferry travel to the island .
    Get real Bob . Stop talking in sound bites and start doing something which actually benefits islanders . Support a study into the benefits of a Solent freedom tunnel .,

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