The IOW MP and Council

No IOW MP or COUNCIL has ever asked for a Fixed Link Study… but why Not?


Fixed link not viable says MP and Council | Solent Freedom Tunnel
According to the Islands MP, the sensible option is to introduce a third ferry company….. Read More

The Isle of Wight MP – Andrew Turner, has all through his tenure, been an opponent of a fixed link even though letters have been sent to him by many individuals over a long period of time, requesting his reasoning for his opposition to a fixed link, which would enable islanders and businesses the freedom of cheaper, 24 hour, 365 day travel. His generic letters in reply, state that if a fixed link were to be constructed, he believes the island would lose its “uniqueness”.

It could be considered that job preservation can be a motivation for his stance….in previous elections the elderly have been more prolific voters than the young. Elderly retirees have in the past, been seen as keen on keeping the island isolated. This situation appears to have changed recently, with many elderly residents effected by getting to mainland healthcare treatments, which are not now available on the island.

The MP did get involved in an attempt to set up a community interest company to buy out Wightlink – this was to have been accomplished through the “Better ferry Campaign”. It has been proven since, that this plan is unfeasable. Wightlink has now been sold by Australian Maquarie Bank to Balfour Beatty for an undisclosed sum. 

The MP however, while admitting that the lack of a cross Solent physical link is causing island failures, only talks of looking at the problems of cross Solent transport at election time… but offers no realistic solutions. It appears that the subject of creating a cross Solent Fixed Link would create far too much work and disruption for the MP, the IOW Council and of course……. the IOW ferry companies, so it has not been seriously tackled.

Wording from the 1998 Fixed Link Feasibility study
“The Isle of Wight has significantly under-performed the rest of the south-east of England in economic terms for decades. This is evidenced by Low GDP, low wage levels and high unemployment. This appears to be attributed to the fact that the Isle of Wight is difficult and expensive to get to and from.“

The MP and ex Leader of the IOW Council both admit that restricted links across the Solent causes IOW deprivation….

This is an extract of the letter dated 30th January 2015 from and signed by, the Present day IOW MP Andrew Turner and the ex leader of the Isle of Wight Council….Jonathan Bacon, to the Rt Hon John Hayes MP, the previous minister of State for transport:

“The Isle of Wight has a fragile economic base and the work of the infrastructure task force will be central and helping the economy to become more robust. Despite the best attempts of the Isle of Wight Council and the local community to re-balance the economy   ….read more

The IOW Council refused to discuss the Fixed Link Proposal…. Why?
The Fixed Link Prospectus for IOW Council | Solent Freedom Tunnel
Click Here to enlarge

Despite the fixed link subject being on the discussion agenda for many island based businesses and institutions, the Isle of Wight Council has not responded. Initially at the beginning of the campaign, a small “Fixed Link Prospectus” was developed by PRO-LINK, printed as a booklet and given to the “Association of Independent Councillors” at a meeting with PRO-LINK. On the 17th March 2015, this prospectus was displayed at a “Riverside Centre” council meeting, where a fixed link presentation and debate ensued… mostly very positive….. Read More

We asked the IOW Council to support a Fixed Link Study in a Full Public Session….. what did they say?

On Wednesday 15th of June, Kevin Price represented PRO-LINK asking the same question to Full Council Committee in public session. The background explanation and the simple question had been pre-submitted to the Council some days before so that the Council would have time to prepare an answer….Read More

 We asked individual IOW Councillors to support a Fixed Link Study…. what did they say?

On May 17th 2016, an email was sent to all councillors on this list. The email was to advise the councillors of PRO-LINKS‘ campaign and  to ask each one whether they would support having an independent Fixed Link Study commissioned, should it be offered?…..Read More

The now discredited ‘Inner Circle’ Consulting (ICC) – IOW Regeneration Programme…. what did it say?

During August 2016, the Isle of Wight Council commissioned ‘Inner Circle Consulting’ (ICC) to produce a Regeneration Programme and have now employed an “IOW Regeneration Director” at £98,096 and his assistant at £77,110 per annum plus benefits to continue.

The scope of this commission included looking at Island data and identifying potential development projects. 

PRO-LINK believes that this ICC document is seriously flawed ….Read More

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  1. It is not true to say that the MP has consistently opposed the construction of a fixed link . He supports the need for a study but has quite sensibly deferred his opinion until the outcome of the taskforce chaired by Christopher Garnett publishes its report shortly . He has steadfastly opposed the behaviour of the ferry companies and lobbied for a better solution but this does not automatically mean the fixed link

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