The MP and David Pugh – Ferry company interests


The IOW MP opposes a Fixed Link… read more.
The MP has refused to raise the possibilities of an IOW fixed link at Westminster, despite the majority of islanders in every poll seeking one… read more 

What are the MP’s motives to obstruct a fixed link study ?



The MP’s associations with David Pugh and WIGHTLINK.


Bob Seely / David Pugh / Chine Consultancy
David Pugh and Wightlink … access to Westminster via Bob Seely… read more

It has become evident that the MP had a predetermined agenda to assist Red Funnel and Wightlink, as guided by a previous IOW Council leader – David Pugh since 2009. The two first became aquainted after Bob Seely had failed to secure a seat at Broxtowe, Nottinghamshire in 2005. David and Bob have assisted each other politically, with David carefully orchestrating the arrangements for Bob to become IOW MP.

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Bungling MP Bob Seely / Solent Freedom Tunnel
This 2018 newspaper article, shows the MP using his position to purposely mislead constituents. The population figures Seely quotes are fictitious, along with the “concreting over the island”. The Faroe Island tunnels that are about to be constructed, are the same length as that of the proposed Solent Freedom Tunnel (11 kms). The project will be self funded, with economic benefits to the islands creating the viability. To see what islanders on the Faroe islands are doing to improve their economy and lifestyle … click here…and here


The MP’s associations with cousin Patrick Seely and RED FUNNEL.

The cousin of Bob Seely, was appointed Director of Red Funnel on 15th December 2017, just 190 days after the MP was elected. Patrick Seely now works for Red Funnelread more.  Bob Seely’s position as MP has facilitated his cousin’s position on the Red Funnel Board. Patrick Seely in 2016, was a stakeholder in the ‘IOW Transport Infrstructure Taskforce’ that recommended a fixed link study be undertaken. Since Patrick Seely’s appointment to Red Funnel, the Taskforce has now been replaced by the ‘IOW Transport Board’ of which Red Funnel is a stakeholder. This manipulation prevents a fixed link study being mooted with the board, thus protecting the ferry companies.

A direct link for Red Funnel to lobby through the MP read more


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During October 2017, the new MP was interviewed by Anne Lovelock of Sunshine Radio.
The interview is a good indicator of the MP’s extrordinary thoughts and ideas regarding the island.
BoB Seely / Solent Freedom Tunnel
To listen to the whole interview… click here.
These are excerpts below to save time. Seely explains his 15 year plan for the isolated island.
1/ Seely speaks about his unsuccessful Mp campaign to be an MP in Nottinghamshire in 2005, before his chance on the Isle of Wight. (2 mins)

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Bob Seely IOW MP / Solent Freedom Tunnel
“Bobs’ Vlog” explains his policies on transport, housing and healthcare on the island…. while not mentioning the cross Solent transport connectivity issues at all. Click here to watch the video

On the 12th December 2017, Carl Feeney and Tim Cooper had a meeting with the MP – Bob Seely at Portcullis House – Westminster, to discuss the fixed link proposal. The report is below… along with the link to the eventual outcome:



Having read Mr Seelys reasons against a fixed link prior to the meeting at Westminster, Able Connections Ltd formulated a response to present to the MP at Westminster:


The first objection is that it will “cost vast sums of money,” saying that “the Island cannot afford it.” The ferry companies turned over more than £110m last year. That clearly represents that the Solent economy can afford to spend enormous sums of money crossing the water. Our forecasts, carried out in accordance with Department for Transport requirements, show that it would require only a 60% increase in cross-Solent people movements to generate sufficient revenue to pay back construction costs within 20 years. We believe therefore that the scheme is affordable. We have worked with KPMG’s Deal Advisory team to understand how the scheme might be funded and financed. We believe that there is a range of possible financial mechanisms which align very closely with Government objectives.

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What did the MP do after the above email exchange?

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6 thoughts on “The MP and David Pugh – Ferry company interests

  1. Christine Sheppard

    Oh dear. What a privileged lifestyle this man has led. He truly has no ideas how the majority of Islanders have to live. He will certainly not solve any of our problems with an art gallery. If his ideas will take about fifteen years that will also be much too late Get out there Bob and speak to the people who you have the privileged opportunity to represent. And do just that represent THEM. At the moment you appear to be way out of touch with our reality.

  2. Nicholas Finney

    I like the openness in the approach that the Solent freedom tunnel promoters are adopting. It allows for a proper record of political and economic exchanges. I am slightly dismayed by the approach taken by Bob Seeley which is that I’m too busy to deal with this. This seems to be becoming a theme. We have a strong well led Conservative Council with talented Councillors and a greater openness to embracing development and regeneration projects. I hope that Bob Seeley will embrace a wider range of those talents and others to guide him through his priorities.

  3. Mr Seeley. For an MP that is supposed to represent the Isle of Wight you have a very selfish attitude to the freedom of islanders. Though you don’t live on the island and the freedom tunnel won’t effect you either way. I think you should help this island to grow back into a thriving island. You have shown no support for you constituents and the people that voted for you. What does this island need to do to get your support for us and not self gain.. sorry but it would seem you have become an MP for your own self growth in politics with no consideration for the people your supposed to support. I find this very disappointing in an MP.. you have lost a lot of support here on the Island..,.

  4. Peter J Hesketh-Roberts

    I am a retired Chartered Civil Engineer and have served my profession as a Council Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and on the committee of the Southern Association of Civil Engineers. I spent three (extremely hard) years working on the Channel Tunnel, which I believe has proved itself to be an invaluable link to the Continent. There are many precedents for the use of a Fixed Link, whether it be a tunnel, a bridge or a combined bridge/tunnel, allowing the engineering decisions on such a design to be confidently made. It may be worth pointing out that the Channel Tunnel is ventilated by forced air using trains themselves to move air along the structure, backed up by fan-blown air along ducts. There is no requirement for ventilation shafts sticking up above the Channel!
    The report by Able Connections Ltd is a well balanced and sensible comment on all of the issues involved which should form the basis of both viability and feasibility studies.
    It is good to note the constructive approach in the discussions and summaries offered by Tim and Carl. So much work has been done and so many issues discussed to prepare the way forward that makes it all the more distressing to note such a negative attitude by the Island’s MP. He has “run scared” from any implication of involvement from supporting a study into the Fixed Link, never mind supporting the link itself.
    It is such a shame that this Member of Parliament does not want to understand one of the most important factors affecting the life of Islanders both now and for the foreseeable future.

  5. Shawn DuBois

    Honestly, what the hell is wrong with Bob? He’s got all his priorities mixed up. He has ZERO regards to the people of the island, he clearly wears blinkers and has the typical tunnel vision (excuse the pun) of most campaigners who are against a tunnel being built. He is completely and utterly absent minded to the reality of the islands current and future state. The island is in dire straits and he’s harping on about art?? What about businesses, employment, education, health services, investing in tourism (historically the islands primary source of revenue)? All island residents are held to ransom by ever increasing energy bills, council tax, poor wages and ferry costs. I for one couldn’t stand it any longer, so due to the lack of opportunities and career options I was forced to commute to outside of Portsmouth to work. For the last 7 years I’ve had to do so, predominantly due to the lack of opportunities on the island. I love the island so I don’t want to relocate, but when you put into perspective that as soon as I started commuting I INSTANTLY got a 20% pay rise for performing an almost identical role. On top of this instant pay increase my career progression and opportunities accelerated. Ultimately an acceleration which I can guarantee would be unachievable on the island. This is factually badsed on the fact I had worked at one of the islands major employers for 7 years with VERY little progression and in my final year at said employer we were told that there would be no annual pay review or increase for the following 5 years! That’s when I woke up and decided to commute, I needed change. I can only presume Bob has no children, or doesn’t live on the island himself. Otherwise he would want the best career and life opportunities for his children, opportunities which are clearly not present to the future generation of islanders. Well done Bob! To bring the island back into modern times we need a fixed link to provide affordable access to tourists and businesses to let the island thrive once again. Bestival is just one example of a HUGE economic revenue which has been lost as a result of being held ransom by ever increasing ferry costs. To follow up on health services….. I keep reading that critically and terminally ill islanders are being subjected to pay (payments they are struggling to afford because of their illness and inability to work) for the ferry as the islands health service is on the brink of collapse! Sort it out Bob, it’s beyond a joke……as are you!!

  6. Bob Seeley . Selfish, blinkered man that has no thought for his constituents. Perhaps he needs to ask us , the people who live here a question.
    Would we rather have an art gallery or access to Heath care when we need it?

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