Results of the independent Fixed Link Study Surveys

November 2014

There have been many polls and surveys since late 2014, gauging sentiment of whether islanders want a cross Solent fixed link or not? All results have been conclusive – the majority of islanders are desperate for one.

Solent Fixed Link / Solent freedom Tunnel
The earliest poll in November 2014 by the IOW County Press had the majority for a link. The Chancellor at the time – George Osbourne, assured islanders he would look at the IOW Fixed Link option… read more

March 2015

Each of the two petitions below, were organised by two different groups. PRO-LINK organised the petition for the fixed link, another organising a petition against a fixed link. Again, the results were conclusive in favour.

5001 signatures in support

1,614 signatures against

No to IOW fixed link
No to IOW Fixed Link
Yes to IOW Fixed Link
Yes to an IOW Fixed Link

March 2017 
solent freedom tunnel / solent fixed link
The Study is unbiassed and independent.
Outsourced professionals carried out the survey, which was overseen for impartiallity by the IOW County Press. The results were conclusive from 5000 people that completed the survey. There is an opportunity to read all the reasons why 5000 individual people, either did or didn’t want a fixed link / study….. some are considered shocking.
Read the full 347 page report here. 
It is possible to look at 5000 individuals’ reasons against a link, and 5000 for a link… in the report. It appears that the reasons for a link are vastly more compelling.
The summarised survey reports from the local media along with readers comments are below:
Bring on IOW fixed link
Conclusive indication of island sentiment.
PRO-LINK thank the above media for promoting the survey to their readers on-line, in order to complete it.