Results of the independent Fixed Link Polls

The IOW Council refused to undertake a fixed link referendum in 2014, claiming it would cost around £1 per islander = £140,000. They also stated that any result would not be binding anyway. The then MP Andrew Turner, requested on the BBC television that any potential referendum should be undertaken only after a route scheme had been published.
There have been many polls and surveys since late 2014, gauging sentiment of whether islanders want a cross Solent fixed link or not? All results have been a positive majority, becoming more and more conclusive as time progresses. 

Each of the surveys and polls below were completely independent. The County Press pushed ahead with two, also a government e-petition and independent on-line news media ‘IslandEcho’ tested 10,000 with 73% in favour of a fixed link.

November 2014


The earliest poll in November 2014 by the IOW County Press had the majority for a link.

Solent Fixed Link / Solent freedom Tunnel



The Chancellor at the time – George Osbourne, assured islanders he would look at the IOW Fixed Link option… READ MORE

March 2015

Each of the two petitions below, were organised by two different groups. PRO-LINK organised the petition for the fixed link while another anti fixed link group organised a petition against a fixed link at the same time. Again, the results were conclusive in favour.


1,614 signatures against

No to IOW fixed link

5001 signatures in support

Yes to IOW Fixed Link

March 2017

SurveyMonkey experts carried out the in depth survey below, overseen by the IOW County Press.  5000 people completed the survey and again the results were conclusive. Read the reasons why 5000 individual people, either do or don’t want a fixed link / study….. some are comments considered shocking. READ THE FULL 347 PAGE REPORT. 

  • The comments opposing a link start on page 107. 
  • The comments supporting a link start on page 182.

The comment lists give a good understating why people may or may not support an IOW Fixed Link.


solent freedom tunnel / solent fixed link
The Study was unbiassed and independent… READ HERE  
The results

A selection of the media reports on the survey are below:


OntheWight produced a good informative article. Read the complete article … HERE

onthewight / fixed link feasibility study survey revealed / Solent Freedom Tunnel

The Island Echo article was ignored by the IOW Council… READ MORE

The County Press for oversaw the authenticity of the survey…

Bring on IOW fixed link
Again… conclusive indication of island sentiment.

November 2018
10,000 polled … 73% in favour of the Solent Freedom Tunnel.
73% in favour of an Isle of Wight fixed Link / Solent Freedom Tunnel
Click HERE to see the full results.

The last independent poll to have been undertaken had 10,000 participants. Again, a conclusive majority in support of an IOW fixed link… READ MORE

The IOW MP and IOW Council have refused to act upon these results, by instigating the ARUP VIABILITY STUDY. Questions have to be ask why? Some answers are…  HERE