Crowd Funding for the ‘ARUP’ Viability Study

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It has become clear that funding for the ‘ARUP’ viability study (details of the study) will not be forthcoming from local or central government. Therefore, public crowd funding is necessary… and it needs to be simple. 


What do we need?


  • The ‘ARUP’ study is capped at £100,000 plus vat. (£120,000)
  • Periphery costs attributed to legal and professional fees are estimated at approximately £10,000. This amount may need to be topped up over a period of time.


  • The total required is £130,ooo before the ARUP study can initiate.


The financial history of the campaign.

Pro-Link has banked with Barclays at St James Square in Newport, from right at the start of the campaign. The ‘Pro-Link Community Bank account’ was set up on the 23rd March 2015 and since that date, a total of £3,791.16 has been donated to the campaign… mainly through a GoFundMe platform. The total outgoings over the whole period till the date of 26th September 2018 has been £1,917.30 with a balance now standing at £1,873.86. That balance has now been added to the ‘ARUP’ study fund.

Pro-Link has managed its finances responsibly

These funds have paid for car stickers, banners, advertising in the County Press (£600), domain names for the website, stationary, etc and some travelling expenses to mainland locations for meetings. The hosting for this website has been kindly sponsored by since the sites inception three years ago. This has been hugely helpful to keep costs to a minimum. The campaign has cost less than £10 a week to get to this stage. An incredible feat in anyone’s estimation. All man hours have been free of charge, from all parties involved. 


What is the best way to crowd fund?

Using crowdfunding platforms are easy to mange and donate to, but they charge roughly 3% of the donation in fees. For this reason, Pro-Link is recommending direct bank transfer into the Pro-Link Community Bank account.

However, for those who are unable to use a bank account or prefer the ease of credit / debit card,  the GoFundMe alternative to donate to … is here


It gets even better….

Direct bank transfers offer two advantages over funding platforms. 

  1. All your donation goes to the cause… with no ‘wasted’ funding platform fees. 
  2. If the complete £130,000 is not raised and ‘ARUP’ are unable to initiate the study, you get your money back.
How do i get my money back if the study doesn’t start?

Its simple… just make sure you use the reference section when you make your deposit, to state your sort code first (six numbers) and then your account number (eight numbers). This will allow Pro-Link to understand which bank account the donation eminated from. Those details will give the opportunity to pay it back if necessary. Anyone who omits these numbers will need to prove the source of the donation themselves, or the money will go to WightAid charities.

This is just a contingency in the highly unlikely situation whereby the complete amount has not been raised, which would stop the study going ahead. It would be irresponsible not to allow for this possibility.  The cut off point to raise the funds will be 31st January 2019. 


How do i donate to the study?


1 / Open the banking App on your device or computer and head to the pay or transfer facility.





2/ Enter the recipient details for your Donation: Pro-Link Community account sort code: 20-60-55 account # 73023761



3/ Enter the amount you wish to donate to the study fund with a £2000 individual donation limit. *Make sure that your bank sort code (6 numbers) followed by your account details (8 numbers) are included in the “reference” section. Then press send.


What happens after my donation is received?

The ‘Pro-Link Community account’ is the holding account. Once the complete £130,000 is received (minus the £1,873 already in the account), stage payments to ARUP will first be transferred from the ‘Pro-Link Community account’ to ‘Able Connections Ltd’, which will be the official client of ‘ARUP’. Able Connections Ltd will pay ‘ARUP’. At the end of each day, the screen shot balance of the fund will be posted onto the Campaign Facebook Group.

The faster the funds are raised, the sooner the study can be initiated.

Donators can be anyone or any business… mainland or island based.

*Please do not donate more than £2000 in any one transaction. Pro-link would prefer to show the authorities the strength of feeling towards this project, by having many donators with smaller amounts… rather than a few donators with larger amounts.


What if i can’t use a bank account to make a donation?


There are two options:


Contribute using GoFundMe

Use this GoFundMe platform … which will direct donations into the Pro-Link Community account. 

To donate using GoFundMe… click here or the photo




Contribute using PayPal

             Click the PayPal donate button to make your contribution to the study







Cautionary footnote:

Please understand that the ‘ARUP’ fixed link viability study has a chance of negative results. There are no guarantees that a fixed link will be constructed subsequent to these studies. However without this study, the chance is zero.

Should the results be positive, they will be presented to the DfT by ARUP and the IOW Council in order to request further advanced and intensive feasibility studies and planning implementation, to be funded by central government.