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  1. Yesterday 23rd/Nov i represented PRO-LINK by visiting Southampton University to help with students who are looking to assist with the enviromental studies surrounding our proposed Fixed link Tunnel proposals. The results will be published once they have been concluded. Thank you to the tutor and students for the offer of assistance.

  2. 17th/Nov I represented PRO-LINK at the IOW College to assist with a Fixed Link Documentary that the media department are producing.

    The other individuals who were filmed were:

    Andrew Turner – MP
    Chris Whitehouse – IOW Councillor (Newport West)
    Angela Hewitt – AFLAG (Against Fixed Link Action Group.

    It is believed that all three are not in favour of having a fixed link option alongside ferries.

    The documentary is due to be released near Christmas 2016.

  3. On the 23rd/sept Kevin Price and Carl Feeney presented the PRO-LINK submission statement to the newly formed “IOW Transport Infrastructure Taskforce” (TITForce) at County Hall. The meeting went well… Maureen Pullen from the DfT was present at this meeting.

    Press http://solentfreedomtunnel.co.uk/transport-infrastructure-force-statement/ to see the statement.

  4. During May 2016, PRO-LINK sent every IOW Councillor (40) an email asking whether they would individually support an Independent IOW Fixed Link Feasibility Study if it was not required to be funded by the (virtually bankrupt) IOW Council?

    After 5 reminder emails, several Councillors have STILL not replied…. even to their ward residents who have also asked the same question?

    To get an up to date tally of those that have and haven’t replied go to http://solentfreedomtunnel.co.uk/mp-and-the-iow-council/

    Please contact your councillor if their name is coloured Orange or Red.

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