Car sticker locations

Please show your support, by displaying a campaign sticker in your car.


These stickers have been designed to be non-offensive, but to create discussion regarding the Fixed Link in the vehicle behind you.

The stickers do not have glue, they are stuck by static attraction to the rear screen and are easily removed without marking if necessary and can be re-used. For best results, just moisten the car sticker and use a credit card to push out the water as you peel off the paper backing.

img_1604img_1605How can i show my support?

The stickers are £2.00 each and can be found at these outlets:


Newport, Scarrots Lane…








East Cowes

If you would like to distribute these stickers also while advertising your business, it would be very much appreciated. Please contact us.

2 thoughts on “Car sticker locations

  1. I would like to distribute them
    I have a busy barbers in east cowes
    23 Castle St
    east cowes

    • Hi Eve. I’ve just seen your message. Could you contact me on 07880540778 to arrange a drop off of the stickers? Many thanks… Carl.

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