Why an IOW fixed link now?

There have been many attempts in the past to construct a fixed link to the Isle of Wight…… what makes the difference now?

Social media has overcome traditional television, newspaper and also radio misrepresentation of facts caused by the ferry advertising revenue influence.
 “The IOW Fixed Link Tunnel Campaign” Facebook group has helped discussions since November 2014. Please join…

Tunnel Technology – Tunnels, cctv, automatic number plate recognition systems and the Internet are now and have been for many years, replacing the inefficiency of Ferries over short distances of travel. 

Solent freedom tunnel / solent fixed link
This type of tunnel construction is proven viable and feasible under the Solent Waters ….watch the video

As an example of what is now possible, the Turkish Eurasia tunnel recently opened on 20th December 2016. It has very similar distance and geology circumstances to the Solent crossing, has a £3 charge for average of 120,000 vehicles per day to use and cost just £1billion to complete the 14 km project. The 12,000 vehicles that are estimated to use the Solent Freedom Tunnel will need an average toll of £30 (including HGV’s) to compare with the Eurasia Tunnel toll revenue. The average toll figure for the Solent Freedom Tunnel, as PRO-LINK have estimated in our submitted toll spreadsheet is £40.05. By these figures, the Solent Freedom Tunnel would be 25% more profitable than the Eurasia Tunnel. Because a double deck tunnel is limited in height which restricts HGVs, PRO-LINK believes twin bored smaller diameter tunnels are more realistic ….. Click Here to understand what new technology makes possible.

Discontentment – The IOW ferries have decimated scheduled crossings and raised prices beyond the reach of many.

The ferries can not be fixed. – Central government has explained they can not regulate the IOW ferry companies. The ‘Better Ferry Campaign’ had no success either as both ferry companies are under no obligations to adhere to any of their customers’ wishes. The “IOW Transport Infrastructure Taskforce” has been set up as from July 2016, after months of correspondence with PRO-LINK, to hopefully help facilitate an independent IOW Fixed Link Study, funded by the DfT.

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  1. A fixed link is required mainly, but not only, because our main source of income (tourism) would return to pre going abroad levels if people could get here easily at short notice. I know cost will be involved and no-one seems to know what these will be yet, but even so, the lack of hassle (especially of just missing the ferry booked) I think would be a great incentive. And wouldn’t Island residents be relieved at being able to get to the mainland and back easily! The cost of the ferries (despite apparent concessions) is given in the local press as one reason why the Bestival is now locating to the mainland.

    Without a fixed link (or the start of the construction of one) I wonder how long the I.W. Festival held in June will go the same way.

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