We asked individual IOW Councillors to support a Fixed Link Study…. what did they say?


On May 17th 2016, an email was sent to all councillors on this list. The email was to advise the councillors of PRO-LINKS‘ campaign and to ask each one whether they would support having an independent Fixed Link Study commissioned, should it be offered?

The email was as follows:

“Dear Councillor

You may have noticed that a campaign to have a Fixed Link Tunnel connecting the Isle of Wight to the mainland has been under way since November 2014. Initially this campaign was to gather support for a referendum to reflect sentiment on whether it is required. It quickly became apparent that a referendum was not possible and would not constitute a directional obligation anyway. We have a Facebook Group that you may wish to view? https://m.facebook.com/groups/iowfixedlink/
(The gallery of photos is quite often used to get quick information. Click a photo and the post and thread will appear also.) ……read more

*The individual councillor responses in writing by email or letter, to support the FL Study or not are:

Support: Julie Jones-Evans, Jonathan Gilbey, Jonathan Bacon (by letter), Geoff Lumley, Rodney Downer, Alan Hollands, Wayne Whittle, Ian Ward, Paul Fuller, Bob Blezzard, Stuart Hutchinson, Ivor Warlow, Stephen Stubbings, Matthew Price, Julia Baker-Smith, John Hobart (03/10), Conrad Gauntlett, Roger Whitby-Smith, Richard Priest, Ian Stephens (08/10), Charles Chapman (12/10), John Medland (13/10), John Howe (21/10), Reginald Barry (29/10), Shirley Smart (31/10), Paul Bertie (02/11), Phillip Jordan (14/11), Luisa Hillard (18/11), Chris Whitehouse (30/11), John Nicholson (30/11), Robert Seely (30/11)…..31 Councillors

Does not Support having a study: 0 Councillors

Verified receiving the emails but have so far refused to answer YES or No to the study: Richard Hollis –Parkhust (01/06), Daryll Pitcher – Wootton Bridge (15/06), Gordon Kendall – Brading, St Helens and Bembridge (12/10), David Stewart – Chale, Niton and Whitwell…. 4 Councillors

Have not replied at all (as at 30th Nov 2016 having been sent 5 reminders): Raymond Bloomfield – Lake South, David Eccles – Freshwater North, Lora Peacey-Wilcox – Cowes Medina,Graham Perks – Ventnor East, …… 4 Councillors.  (Colin Richards – Arreton and Newchurch – was very ill during the campaign so unable to respond and has subsequently died. Our heartfelt condolensces to his family.) 

If you would like to get in touch with your councillor to ask why they refuse to communicate their stance on this very important subject, the councillor contact details are ….. Here.